June 2011

CADA Mural ~ 7th & S

June 24, 2011
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Sacramentans are gardening, biking, walking to work, restoring Victorian homes, and playing with pets and kids on the mural that graces the CADA Maintenance Office at 701 S Street. The figures in the mural are surrounded by trees and Golden poppies (the California state flower), and all of this is overlayed on a colorful grid […]

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ArtTake: Crafty Signage

June 9, 2011
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ArtTakes are my mini-posts on art found in unexpected places that is often FUNctional (sculpted bike rack, painted newspaper stand, crafted business signage). Today’s ArtTake is a collection of arty/crafty business signage from around town. I’ll apologize now for the quality of many of the photos. The weather was overcast with a lot of glare […]

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Butterfield Horse ~ 5th and J

June 9, 2011
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The spirit of an old Air Stream trailer lives in this sculpture by Deborah Butterfield. Butterfield has focused her 40-year career mastering her one subject, horses, and she primarily creates her pieces with found objects like wood and scrap metal. Her sculpture at 5th & J was installed in 1983 and is crafted out of […]

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Midtown Mosaic (4 of 4) ~ 2220 K Street

June 2, 2011
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Part 4 is the final post in the Midtown Mosaic series and focuses on several more sections of this expansive mural which includes the work of more than 60 artists. The project was conceived and coordinated by Sacramento’s Midtown Alley Project (MAP). If you missed them, be sure to start with part 1, part 2, […]

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