Russ Andris Gallery of Public Murals

Russ Andris has collected an amazing photo gallery of public murals in and around Sacramento:

Most of the murals Andris photographs are in the Midtown and Downtown areas. For many of the murals, he has included details about the art, artist, and/or business. He has included photos of murals inside both public buildings and private business (after first asking permission). Andris’ gallery currently has 67 pages with 12 photos each — that’s 800-some photos of local murals!

The first image on Andris’ site was posted October 25, 2007 and captures The Bread Store mural by Stephanie Taylor . His most recent additions, posted this month, include a series of photos from Deterding Elementary School where of an array of art was created by students and teachers, Iron Steaks mural by Stephanie Taylor, the old Sam’s Hof Brau on L Street, and a mural in the court yard of the Secretary of State of California Main Office.

Last May, the Sacramento Bee published an article on Andris’ great work documenting Sacramento’s public murals. The article says that Andris is a retired park ranger and natural resource specialist who worked on the South Yuba River for the Bureau of Land Management until 2005. He took photography courses at American River College and now documents the murals of our city.

Thanks Russ!