“Public art is one of the most important elements that define a city. Public installations echo the character and spirit of a time and place, and remind us all of the imperative need for creativity and imagination in our daily lives.”
~ Carole Feuerman

The term pedestrian is often used pejoratively to mean common, unimaginative, or ordinary. Playing with these words, turning them upside-down & inside-out, I suggest instead that: As pedestrians moving through the commons, we encounter public art and it sparks our imagination. It invites the extra-ordinary into our daily routine.

I’ve long been drawn to art in public places, and I finally decided to do something creative with my interest by delving into the public art that enlivens downtown & midtown Sacramento. Creating the blog challenges me to dig deeper and learn more about each piece, and then the blog itself lives on for other explorers of public art.

Enjoy! I hope my blog inspires you to notice and experience the impressive array of public art in downtown and midtown Sacramento.

A tour of public art in downtown/midtown Sacramento