ArtTake: Crafty Signage

ArtTakes are my mini-posts on art found in unexpected places that is often FUNctional (sculpted bike rack, painted newspaper stand, crafted business signage).

Today’s ArtTake is a collection of arty/crafty business signage from around town. I’ll apologize now for the quality of many of the photos. The weather was overcast with a lot of glare and my photography skills were clearly not up to the challenge.

Mural at Hot Italian (16th & Q) a place for pizza, music, bikes & gear.

Seraphein Beyn Advertising agency at 2319 J St; “Using cognitive thinking and opposable thumbs to create a thin facade of respectability since 1983.”

Mini-mural at Cuffs Urban Apparel by Sophia Lacin & Hennessy Chrisophel ( at 2523 J St.

Art Ellis, a family run art supply store at 2508 J S since 1948.

Mural for Sugar Shack Boutique by at 2425 J.

My gym of choice, Pipeworks, on the other side of the tracks at 116 N. 16th Street.

RUOFS (pronounced Rufus) the bull is the mascot for Ruland’s Used Office Furniture also on the other side of the tracks at 215 N. 16th Street. RUOFS speaks to us with ever-changing messages on both of his big sides of beef. I blush to admit it took me a while to grok this particular message (“If you build it, they will stay”), but of course it refers to the Kings and their much-debated new arena.

RUOFS has a local history and has kept busy over the last 18 years boating, sky diving, participating in parades, and visiting various parts of the city. Looks like he even inspired the store’s motto:

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