SMAC Art in Public Places Program


Since 1977, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) has managed the Art in Public Places (APP) program.

The APP program “includes a collection of more than 400 permanently sited works of art integrated into Sacramento’s built and natural environments. More than 80% of these artworks are by local and regional artists” (1). The funding comes from a percentage of building projects allotted for public art:

2% of eligible City and County capital improvement project budgets [are] set aside for the commission, purchase, and installation of artworks throughout the City (2).

You can search for public art pieces in the Online APP Collection or go on an APP Art Walk.

You can take your own art tour anytime using the Art Walk’s downtown walking map pdf. For school groups, they offer field trips and even in-class virtual tours for those that can’t arrange a field trip. In addition to guided tours, their Educational Program offers “workshops, lectures, discussions, and other educational opportunities for design professionals, public art practitioners and the general public” (3).

APP also has a Gallery Program, which manages exhibition spaces at City Hall, SMUD, and the Sacramento International Airport. Through this program, these sites feature ongoing installations by regional artists (4). The current exhibit at SMUD (through 1/31/10) is “Power Driven Artists: An Exhibition of Artwork by SMUD Employees“.

You can sign up for SMAC’s online newsletter to be updated on art news and events.

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