Everything changes.

This wall has no mural. Last time I saw this wall, it was graced with a wonderful mural, but yesterday when I visited to take photos and get a closer look, I found this blandly painted wall.

In December, Shaun Turner painted an intricate and interesting mural along this wall next to the courtyard of Sugar Plum Vegan Bakery Cafe at 2309 K Street. Fortunately, Russ Andris took a photo of the mural soon after it was created and you should visit his site to see a photo of the short-lived mural.

When I visited yesterday and found the blank wall, I asked after the mural at Never Felt Better Vegan Shop. Sounds like the appropriate permission/agreement was not sought before the mural was painted. Here is a Sacramento Press article on the story.

Unfortunate events leading to the loss of a beautiful mural! But there are plans to build a patio wall that will be home to another mural.

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