Stainless Steel Grillwork ~ 15th & O

This interlocking stainless steel grillwork created by Gale McCall can be found on O Street between 14th and 15th along the outside of the childcare facility yard at the Department of Education building.

The fence runs about half of the length of the entire block. There is a door at each end and one in the middle.

Between the doorways, there are eight large circular pieces that are made of interlocking shapes, cut-out like a puzzle and placed back together to make them whole (1).

This grillwork is one of many pieces in the Capitol Area East End Complex Art Program; which is a “$2.8 million art program that emphasizes the values, heritage, direction and goals of the State of California.” (2).

McCall works in a variety of media (3) and in her metalwork she often uses cold bending and welding (4). A few of her other pieces are displayed on this art slant profile. She has a number of public works including Columbia City Station, Port of San Diego, and The City of Whittier

Title: untitled
Artist: Gale McCall
Date: 2002
Media: Stainless Steel
Location: O between 14th & 15th

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