This is your city without public art

This is your city without public art.

This is your city with public art.

Any questions?

The temporary removal of 1,488 enameled tiles for a restoration project of the iconic public art mural, The Way Home, gives us a unique opportunity to see our streets as they would be if they were empty of public art. Thankfully the cleaned and restored tiles will be reinstalled later this summer, because that vast expanse of concrete is a bleak sight.

The Way Home, mural by Fred Ball

The contrast between the wall with and without art is striking, and the Delta landscape inspired mural becomes an even more welcome site against the alternative of bare nothingness. Another compelling invitation to pay deeper attention to the public art that is available all over our city and how it infuses our streets with creativity and imagination.

“Public art is one of the most important elements that define a city. Public installations echo the character and spirit of a time and place, and remind us all of the imperative need for creativity and imagination in our daily lives.”
~ Carole Feuerman

Title: The Way Home
Artist: Fred Uhl Ball
Date: 1980
Media: Enameled copper tiles
Location: Western fa├žade of the parking garage on Third and L Streets

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2 thoughts on “This is your city without public art”

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for asking. Yes, the restored mural is installed and looks beautiful. The tiles have been restored and structural elements fortified to give the mural a long life. Unfortunately, I don’t have an updated photo to post. It is well worth a visit to see in person!

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