Sacramento Education Events for Art (SEEART)

Sacramento Education Events for Art (SEEART) is a local non-profit that has partnered with neighbors, businesses and the City of Sacramento to create quality arts and education programs including: Midtown Murals Project, Arts for the Generations, Mural Project Kids summer arts program, and The Legacy Trees Project (1).

The Midtown Murals project has a goal of organizing 12 new murals to enrich the identity of Midtown Sacramento. They write: “This identity will focus on Midtowns’ rich history, cultural diversification and natural artistic beauty” (2). Midtown Murals is funded solely through private contributions from local sponsors. Murals include Uptown Market at 17th & Capitol, Office Max tile mural on J Street, Mt Diablo Sunset near 21st & J, and the Alhambra Sweet Dream mural near 25th & J.

The Legacy Trees Project was organized by artists who work together to rescue special trees that are being cut down from the wood chipper or woodpile in order to distribute large pieces to local woodcarvers.

“The Legacy Trees Project was nurtured into existence by the Sacramento Art community‚Äôs desire to uncover a deeper understanding of the beauty and importance of historic trees in the city of Sacramento, by repurposing dangerous, diseased and dying trees felled by the city and property owners into works of art.” (3)

A 100+ year-old camphor tree at 18th & Capitol was recently cut-down and the wood was rescued for artists and craftspeople but I did not see reference to whether Legacy Trees was involved or not.


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