CCC Mural ~ 1719 24th St

Fighting fires, building trails, planting forests, and building construction… this is the kind of natural resource and emergency response work that young adults do when they become members of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) for a year of service.




This mural was painted in the late ’90s by members of the California Conservation Corps on the CCC Main office building at 1719 24th Street (1). The mural faces the light rail station at 24th & R and Sacramento Press quotes Susanne Levitskey, public information officer for the CCC, describing the benefits of the mural’s visibility to young people on the trains:

“The mural not only showcases corps people, but it advertises what we do here,” Levitsky said, adding that artwork like theirs has become a tradition throughout the organization in California.(2)







Title: (unknown)
Artist: CCC Members
Date: 1997
Media: paint
Location: 1719 24th St

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