Midtown Mosaic (2 of 4) ~ 2220 K Street

Part 2 of the Midtown Mosaic series focuses on several more sections of this expansive mural which includes the work of more than 60 artists. The project was conceived and coordinated by Sacramento’s Midtown Alley Project (MAP).

If you missed it, be sure to read part 1 of the Midtown Mosaic series.

Click on any photo to see a larger image.

I love this portrait by GayLynn’ Ribeira. Visiting her website, I found many more gorgeous portraits, and this one of Sister Johnson is particularly striking. (www.gaylynnart.com)

This beautiful geometric abstract is by Andy Cunningham. The piece is not shown-off well in this photo because of the dust on the wall. (www.andy-cunningham.net)

Two more images by tattoo artist, Gorgeous George; a stylistic floral and the “eye in the middle of the sacred heart” (which is a smaller element of a larger piece). He has another piece you can see in part 1 of this series.

This piece is the work of local artist, Illyanna. (www.myspace.com/siyaclothing)

A small pieceĀ  by Evelyn Niehaus. She has a larger piece you can see in part 1 of this series.

A small piece by self-taught artist Hector Espinoza. This hunched figure is the icon from his website (www.freewillnow.net)

This piece is signed by Nate Feldman and reads “In the melting pot. From all the people of the world. So the arts will blend.” (natefeldman.com)

A piece by Thomas Roth who, as a significant supporter of the arts in Sacramento, was also a key figure in making the Midtown Mosaic mural happen.

One of three pieces on the mural created by David Hayes.

This vibrant wren image was painted by Andy Williams and is dedicated to his (then) soon-to-be-born first-child named Wren. (www.andywilliamspaintings.com/)

A colorful, funky piece by Eric Goodman. (www.ericgoodmanpaintings.blogspot.com)

A pair of odd humanoids by Shaun Turner, who has another piece you can see in part 1 of this series.

A serene crane along the river, with the Sacramento skyline in the far distance, by Marbo Bernard, an accomplished artist who immigrated from Japan in 1956. (www.marbosart.com)

Kathy McMahon painted this portrait of her daughter, Katie, and you can see artist and daughter in this video by Russ Andris. (www.facebook.com/pages/Portraits-by-Kathy-McMahon)

Two pieces by artists who remain a mystery so far.

This tall tree image was created by Brenda Boles, and another of Brenda’s signature tall trees appears on another section of the mural. (www.brendabolesart.com)

This reaching hands image was painted collaboratively by Claire Baily and Thomas Roth; two people instrumental in the creation of the Midtown Mosaic mural.

By the look of it, I suspect this is another small piece by Thomas Roth.

Two pieces by artists who remain a mystery so far.

Next up, part 3 of the Midtown Mosaic posts.

Title: Midtown Mosaic
Artist: 60+ different artists coordinated by Midtown Alley Project
Date: 2008/2009
Media: Paint
Location: Alley between K and L on 23rd Street

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